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A virtual consultation is just what it sounds like: a confidential meeting with an attorney to discuss your legal issues, answer your questions, and plan how to handle your situation. The difference between a traditional consultation and a virtual consultation is that you don’t have to travel to the attorney’s office. You send your documents ahead of time and meet with the attorney using a computer or phone app.

When you contact us to schedule your consultation, we will ask you several questions to make sure you have the software you need to participate. Much of that information is below.

We are adaptable, and can use most any software platform. We are currently set up to use Skype and Zoom, although we also have used FaceTime, Facebook Video, and Instagram in the past.

As with any meeting with a lawyer, we will need to see any papers you have. We can receive these via email as PDFs or other images, or you can upload them to our secure server.

We recommend using one of the ScanPro apps for scanning and creating PDFs of your documents, although you can use anything you want as long as it produces a legible copy.

Before the consultation, you should make sure your software is set up and working. Find a quiet, private place for the meeting. Remember: if there are other people around, attorney-client privilege may not apply!

Contact us today to schedule your Virtual Consultation.

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