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Mistakes happen. Lawyers, Judges, and Juries make mistakes every day. Fortunately, many of these mistakes can be corrected with the help of an experienced appellate attorney. The skills that an appellate attorney brings to your case are quite different from what you need in a trial attorney. Trial attorneys use facts to tell a story to a judge or a jury. Appellate attorneys argue law to judges. Both are important parts of any defense case. You need to know which one to use, and when.

As an appellate attorney with extensive trial experience, Attorney Justin P. Miller has effectively and successfully litigated appeals for his clients across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Contact us today for assistance with appeals in the following areas:

  • Civil Appeals (Family Law)
    • Divorce – Equitable Distribution / Alimony
    • Custody
    • Relocation
  • Criminal Appeals
    • Post-Sentence Motions
    • Post-Conviction Appeals
    • Appeals to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court
    • Post-Conviction Relief Act (PCRA) Petitions
    • Federal Appeals / Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus
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